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Aurora® Inverters Deliver Increased Energy Harvesting Across a Broad Range of Operating Conditions

Aurora® Inverters utilize high-efficiency power-conversion technologies, and high-speed independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) channels, to increase the amount of usable power that is available from renewable-energy installations. This optimized energy harvesting can significantly increase the ROI of residential and commercial solar-power plants. Aurora® Wind Inverters feature optimized power-transfer capabilities, and high speed inputs, to maximize energy production in residential wind installations. Industry-Leading Features and Performance

   * High efficiencies deliver more usable energy – inverters are available with CEC and Euro-rated efficiencies exceeding 96%.
   * Wind interfaces deliver 99% efficiency when used to condition
     the output of a micro-wind generator for use with an inverter.
   * Extended ambient-temperature operating ranges; models are available to provide full-rated power from -25°C to 50°C.

Unmatched Applications Flexibility

   * Two-source inputs, with independent MPPTs, optimize power from multiple arrays oriented in different directions.
   * Solar and wind inverter solutions available from 2kW to 330kW, in residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor configurations.


Power one